6 Questions: Challenging My Unhelpful Idea


. What idea have I strongly and persistently held that I now realize to be the cause of many problems – emotional or otherwise – in my life?

2. What’s wrong with this idea? What makes it unrealistic, extreme, illogical and/or unreasonable?

3. How does this idea push me and others around? What are the consequences of doggedly holding on to this idea?

4. Is it helping me get what I want or hurting me?

5. Is there any proof to support this irrational and/or unhelpful idea?

6. Imagine that I’m trying to convince another person why it doesn’t make sense to think that way; what persuasive counterarguments would convince him or her?

Note to myself: I will try to notice when this old unhelpful idea seems to be at the root of some new distress. I will regularly read what I’ve written on this sheet to help myself think more clearly, feel better, and act more wisely.




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